Services and Pricing

 Worthy of the Crown Pageant Coaching offers three (3) different coaching options designed with YOU in mind:

1. Individual Sessions: $45/hr 

· Tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you desire coaching in one particular area or prefer a holistic approach to coaching that covers several aspects of your pageant

· Sessions limited to one hour so as not to overwhelm you with information overload. There will be a lot to grasp!

· Client must specify focus area(s) at the time of booking 

2. Customizable Coaching Packages (most cost effective option):

Coaching Package #1: "The Rare Commodity": $300 (7 sessions)

Coaching Package #2: "The Anomaly": $500 (10 sessions)

Coaching Package #3: "Queendom Come" $700 (15 sessions)

Each coaching package features: 

· Detailed Session Plans 

· Mental Preparation for Pageant

· Interview Prep Basics, Answer Formation, Content Development and Delivery Skills

· Pageant Paperwork, Application, Contestant Bio Development 

· Platform Development and Personal Branding

· Runway Modeling and Onstage Presentation 

· On Stage Question Preparation

· Wardrobe Analysis and Selection 

· Opening and/or Closing Statement Delivery

Each package is customizable to fit your specific pageant goals, experience level, budget, needs, etc. Once packages are BOOKED and PAID FOR in advance, we will develop your individual coaching plan at that time.

3. Ala Carte Services 

Maybe you aren't looking for a coaching package or a holistic approach to coaching, but would like to work on other uniquely specialized areas of your pageant. No worries, I've got you covered. Check out our seven (7) unique services offered below

"Girl, Do you REALLY Know You?" Service: $40

Do you really know your bio inside and out? During the interview portion of your pageant, judges will be sure to ask questions from your bio sheet and expect you to deliver an answer that is thought provoking and polished. Typically, bio sheets are submitted months before your actual interview. Nevertheless, It is imperative that you be able to answer these types of questions with ease and allow your genuine personality to shine through. With this exercise, I will come up with 75 questions from you bio sheet alone to help you prepare for those tough and unexpected interview questions during your pageant. Are you ready? 

Application/Paperwork Service: $40

Your application is vital to your success in a pageant. Notably, this will be the very FIRST time that the judges learn your name and what you're about! Your initial contestant paperwork will set first impressions with the directors of the pageant, media, judges, and others who will view your pageant profile. Your paperwork will speak volumes, not only about who you are as a contestant but about what you represent as a whole. You will need to sell yourself in this area of the pageant... no ifs, ands or buts. With this service, I will review your application/pageant paperwork and provide personalized and constructive feedback based on your particular pageant system. Let's get to work!

Sponsorship Workshop: $40

Sponsorships are a costs money to enter into a pageant! This service will provide guidance to contestants who are  unsure about how to select sponsorships. In this workshop, I will provide you with tips/advice on how to secure sponsorships, draft sponsorship letters/templates, guide you on how to give back to a business in exchange for a sponsorship, important tips when requesting sponsorships, and so forth. Securing sponsorships require hardwork, dedication and strategy...are you up for the challenge?

Wardrobe Analysis Service: $40

What you choose to wear on your big day can absolutely be a game changer. With this service, I will work with you one on one and provide guidance on pageant wardrobe, ranging from the types of shoes to wear, how and where to purchase your ideal pageant gown, pageant gown trends, swimsuit/fitness wear options, accessories and an overall guide as to what is appropriate to wear during each aspect of your pageant. My goal is to make sure that you look good, feel good, present yourself in the best light possible, and WOW the judges in the process.  

 Pageant Interview Preparation Workshop: $40

As we've discussed, pageant interview is super important and can make or break you in a pageant. When we think of pageant interviews in general, they tend to make us a little uneasy. We may not know what to expect or how to shake off the nerves of sitting before a judge (or panel of judges) who hold the fate of your potential title in their hands. In this workshop, I will equip you with NINE steps that not only will help you prepare for the interview, but will enable you to gain skills in leadership, flip the "power dynamic", and discover a unique flow for the timing of your interview. This service will require hardwork, dedication, follow through, and courage in order to reap the full benefits of success in this area. Are you ready?

Platform Development Service: $40

Developing your brand/platform is vital to your success, allows you to stand out amongst other contestants and provides you with a sense of purpose both on and off the stage. Did you know that in many pageants, judges EXPECT you have a platform, even if the pageant rules/qualifications do not REQUIRE you to have one? Platform development is important. With this service, we will brainstorm and develop a unique platform for your pageant. I will assist you in gaining a greater understanding of your platform through research, community service, statistics, news articles, etc. to ensure that your brand and passion for your platform shines through in every aspect of your pageant. 

Opening/Closing Statement Delivery Service: $40

Many pageants will allow the contestants to prepare a brief yet thought provoking opening or closing statement to be presented during  interview, on stage question, or on stage introduction. Since contestants are given adequate time to prepare, judges will expect a flawless delivery, wisdom on WHEN to use your statement effectively, and HOW to maintain full control in this moment. This is where I come in, ladies. With this service, I will help YOU help the JUDGES understand who you are, what you're about, and how you will help in a short amount of time by developing your unique statement for your pageant. So let's get to work!