Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the benefits of hiring a pageant coach?

Answer:  Entering a pageant not only requires a financial investment -- it requires a strong commitment to PREPARE. The RIGHT pageant coach will be able to uplift, encourage and guide you through this process (from start to finish) and be able to see/hear issues or nuances in your interview, evening wear, talent, swimwear/fitness or overall presentation that could be construed negatively by judges. The essence of pageants are in the details and a pageant coach will be able to use their knowledge, background, experience, and expertise to ensure that you exude confidence, poise, and professionalism the moment you walk out on that stage. A pageant coach will push you to give 110% in every aspect of your competition. So ask yourself these two questions: Are you in it to WIN it?  And if so, are you PAGEANT ready? 

2. If I were to book Worthy of the Crown Pageant Coaching, LLC for coaching services, will this guarantee me a win? 

Answer: No; however, I can guarantee that the level of effort that you put into your training sessions will determine your ultimate level of success and how much you will get out of this experience overall. The ultimate decision is yours. 

3. Am I able to work with you even if I do not live in the Central Florida area?

Answer: Absolutely. I offer three (3) types of coaching appointments for this purpose. 

a)  In Person: In person appointments provide one on one personalized coaching to contestants and are a great option for those who reside in the Central Florida area only. 

b) Skype/Facetime (most preferred by contestants): Skype/Facetime appointments provide the same advantages of an in person appointment minus the travel time. I would work on every aspect of your pageant during this type of appointment. 

c) Phone: Phone appointments are most beneficial when reviewing pageant paperwork, forms, developing and perfecting answers to on stage questions, interviews, opening/closing statements, etc. This appointment is most effective when combined with Skype and/or in person appointments.

***Note: All three appointment types may be combined to ensure that contestants are getting the most out of their pageant coaching experience. 

4. Are your coaching packages customizable? 

Answer: Absolutely.  Packages are designed with you in mind and may be customized to fit your specific needs, budget, pageant/training experience, level of commitment, goals, etc. 

5. Am I able to receive a refund for unused or missed coaching hours/sessions?

Answer: No. All coaching packages must be 1) booked/paid for in advance and 2) completed within one year from the date of purchase. The packages are not transferable. There will be no refunds for any unused hours. If you must cancel/reschedule a coaching appointment, please provide notice at least 24 hours in advance of your session. Otherwise, one hour/session will be deducted from your coaching package. 

6. When should I begin pageant training?

Answer: It depends on the competition level of your pageant as well as your level of expertise. Typically, contestants can start anywhere 6 months to 8 weeks before their competition. Note that appointments are often sold out in advance, so it's important to purchase your package and schedule your appointments now to make sure you don’t miss out.

7. So...How Do I Get Started?

Answer: On the home page, click the link entitled "Let's Chat: Book Your Free Coaching Consultation Here." Next, select an available appointment time from the calendar for your complimentary mini session. I will send you an initial client evaluation form to fill out prior to our session. During this session, we will discuss your client evaluation form, your specific coaching needs, pageant history, services provided, customizable package options, pricing, etc. This session is designed to help us to get to know one another and to ultimately access whether we would be a great "fit" prior to booking. 

**Note: If this is your first competition, please send me any information you have received about your pageant prior to our session. If you have competed in the past, please send copies of previous pageant paperwork, photos/videos of you at previous competitions, photos of your pageant wardrobe, and/or any videos you have of you during portions of your onstage competition (introduction, talent, onstage modeling, onstage question, etc) prior to our session.  This information will allow me to identify your strengths and develop a strategic coaching plan for target areas prior to your next competition.

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