"To my beautiful pageant coach Ashley, thank you for taking up the challenge and preparing me for my first pageant! I couldn't have had a better coach truly! For it being a newer pageant system, you were so DEAD ON! All your tips, guidance and training certainly paid off! You gave me so much valuable information and transferable skills that I can continue to apply in my everyday life and the future of my reign! Thank you!"

Malani Rodriguez

Miss Elementary Nation Nationals 2020

UniverzV Nation Nationals Competition


  "I have been taking college classes during the summer. I have public speaking and we have to present a speech every week. If I never got coaching [from you] I would be struggling so much! Thank you for everything! Your coaching has helped with SO MUCH!"

Mistie Lynn Webb

Teen Miss Florida Earth 2019 

Teen Miss Earth USA Competition


"The pageant was definitely a learning and empowering experience. Your coaching was definitely spot on with everything!

Thank you so much for coaching me and having patience with me!"

Jamilla Moore

Miss South East Orlando USA 2019 

Miss Florida USA Competition